From the Nexus team we wanted to thank you all for your continued business during one of the most challenging years in a century.

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Ecommerce Store Features & Benefits

View the descriptions of our award winning platform! A platform that has beaten the likes of Zen Cart, OScommerce and Magento two years running in the OSC Awards in 2010, 2011 and most recently 2012! The best part is we’re always developing new ways to improve the software! All the following features are included within your ecommerce store.

Ecommerce Features

Product Management

Manage all of your products using a modern day control panel. Add in new products with great detail appealing to the public or simply modify old ones within minutes, anywhere, anytime.

Order Management

Process orders through the system using an add to cart method similar to those of big brand websites such as amazon, ebay. Keep track of all orders in the control panel.

Payment Gateway

Currently we support PayPal, Cardsave, Payment Sense and Sagepay. We can use additional payment providers but this would need to be mentioned initially. We recommend the use of Payment Sense due to the lower costs.

Auto Emails

Every time someone signs up to your websites or places an orders, they are dispached an automatic email, and you can alter the templates for these. You can also send emails to update a customer on the delivery status.

Customer Accounts

Let your customers sign up to your website, giving you valuable customer information that can later be used on newsletters & updates about your products. This will also help keep a track of everyone who has used your website.

Managing Categories

You will have full control over product categories, including create, modify, delete, and sort categories within a folder-like structure.

Product Reviews & Ratings

Allow your clients to log in leaving your products a review and rating. Improve your level of sales from gaining the trust of public online through honest and real client reviews and ratings.

Shipping Settings

Want to set a flat rate? Perhaps you want to charge per item or the calculate delivery free over a set amount. These are a few of the settings within our shipping modules. You can activate multiple settings simultaneously giving you flexibility.

Invoice Management

Extensive control over invoices, including able to automatically generate invoices and packaging slips from orders, invoice status as well as credit slips or store credit.

Integrated Google Analytics

Get real in depth, detailed statistics of your website traffic, where it comes from, the average time spent on the website and what pages and products have been viewed. Use this information to progressively advance your website.

Special Offers

Manage special offers for the month, week or the day, entirely up to you! This is manageable by date and time so when you want the special to end, it will automatically come off on that date allowing you to prepare your marketing.

Coupon Codes

Create discount codes for certain categories or areas of your website! Utilise this with advertising to help traffic and conversion of sales!

Gift Vouchers

Allow people to buy gift vouchers in your store! You can sell gift vouchers as an online product and this way you still make the same amount of money!

Fade in / Fade Out Banner

A banner is an eye-catching powerful creative tool for giving your website an overall more professional look and better feel. You can have up to 3 individual slides designed for you. You can also add in your own banners.

Manage Information

A very easy to use system for updating information. if you are familiar with using Microsoft Word then you will find our control management system a breeze.

Search Terms

Give your website fresh content on a daily basis. We can display your latest tweets & Facebook messages on your website. Increase the appeal to your customers, gain followers.