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A great logo is a vital element for any brand, as it is used everywhere within the company or brand’s marketing and website, as well as visually presenting an overall image to the general public about your business.

Are you stuck with a jpeg logo?

Your logo needs to look good no matter what the application. Do you only have low quality or small resolution versions of your logo, or have you only been supplied a jpeg or png version of your logo by a designer with poor standards? Your logo will not only look unprofessional but will really bring down the quality of your marketing and branding effort. Scaling your logo to a larger or smaller size is something you”ll have to do to fit it on varying documents, but will also degrade the quality of the logo further.

Professional Vector Graphics

At Nexus Websites, we can take a poor quality or low resolution version of your existing logo in any format, and we will manually re-create it as a scalable vector graphic. What this means is that your logo will be created from a sequence of mathematical calculations. This will result in an image that can be scaled up or down to any size, without limitation, while retaining perfect quality.

What is included?

Our logo redrawing service is a comprehensive package that includes the following:

  • A one off cost – no hidden extras
  • Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG)  format (so the logo can be made large without losing quality)
  • Advice on how and where to apply use the logo
  • Quick 48 hour turnaround

What is the cost of getting a logo designed?

The cost of having your logo professionally redrawn in a high quality vector format is just £35!


If you would like to proceed with this, please contact us.

Example logos we have previously redrawn

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