From the Nexus team we wanted to thank you all for your continued business during one of the most challenging years in a century.

Just to let you know, our business will be closed from the 19th of December until the 4th of January. Thank you!

When you have created a new page, it will not be possible to find it on your website without adding a link to it. The best way to do this is to add a link to the page under the navigation toolbar – the drop down boxes that appear at the top on every page.

In the admin dashboard click on the ‘Appearance’ button located on the left side of the page, followed by clicking on ‘Menus’. You will now see a screen that displays rectangular boxes with names that should correspond to different pages on your website.

At the very top of the page, you may see several different tabs. If the tab named ‘Main Navigation’ is not selected you will need to click on this, as it will display the navigation menu where you will need to add your new page into.


Each named box you see corresponds to a link within the navigation bar. If the box is slightly indented, it means that they will appear under the link before them. For example, here you can see than the links ‘Latest News’ and ‘Latest Projects appear when the mouse is moved over the main link ‘Blog’.


To add in your new page, on the left side of the screen there will be a box called ’Pages’. Look in the list for the name of your new page and click on the check box next to it (If you can’t see it here, click on the ‘view all’ tab within the box). Next click on ‘Add to Menu’, and in the main part of the page the page you have just added should appear in its own rectangular box.

All you need to do is drag and drop it into the place where you want to appear (be careful not to accidentally move any existing pages). In the example shown, this ‘Navigation’ page will be part of the ‘Content Managed Help’ (which in itself is under the main heading ‘Tech Support’)  and will be placed underneath it, indented, as shown in the screenshot.

When you have placed the page in the correct place, click on ‘Save Menu’ located to the bottom right. If you now go to your website homepage and mouse over the relevant menu, you will now be able to see a link to the page you have added.