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Payment Settings

payment settingsBelow are tutorials for each individual payment module and how you can set them up to then accept payment online. You can run multiple payment methods at the same time giving your customers that choice at the checkout. It is possible for us to get new payment modules developed upon request. Please contact us to request this feature.





Cardsave Redirect Module / Payment Sense Redirect Module
payment settings

Ensure that the module settings are laid our identically below. You will need to obtain your Merchant ID, Gateway Password & Pre-shared Key from your Cardsave/Payment Sense account. For help on obtaining this information, please contact Cardsave support directly. Payment Sense has exactly the same layout as Cardsave for inputting the settings as seen on the right hand side.

Sagepay Redirect Form
payment settings

You will need to obtain your vendor & encryption password from your Sagepay account. For help, , please contact Sagepay support.

Payment ModulesTo setup this one you simply need to add in your PayPal email address, enable the module and set the gateway server the live, and this is completed and ready to go.


You can create a product for a value of £0.01, turn on free shipping and put through a payment yourself to ensure the money ends up in your account for peace of mind.


The authenticate option rather than sale/live means you need to authorise the payment before it ends up in your account. You can say either yes/no to the payment going through.