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Managing Invoices

Managing InvoicesManging invoices are effectively stage 2 of dealing with orders. More options become available such as printing a shipping label, some really useful features which we will now cover. So fire of all you need to have created an invoice in the orders module on the control panel. Once done, load up invoices from the start menu or desktop.

Managing Orders

View Invoice – Simplified view regarding all information about the order.

Print Invoice – This doesn’t print the order however it does create a PDF invoice/receipt for the customer to download. A very useful tool for saving time manually creating invoices.

Print Packaging Slip – Again very useful for simply printing out and applying to the item to be shipped, another time saving method.

Created Credit Slip – In the circumstance where you need to create a credit slip, this here would be how you do it!

Create Store Credit – To be used at your discretion, A great tool for applying a number of solutions to problems or ideas you may encounter.