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Managing Categories

Once you have selected categories, you will see a window similar to the below appear. This will allow managing categories.

Managing Categories

In here, you can add in, edit or delete categories. You can also create your sub menus by simply selecting a category and clicking add! By the way, you may also use right click shortcuts in the left box to edit, delete a selected category, and add sub-categories to any category.

Move a category by selecting and dragging it to the target parent category on the left. To disassociate one category with another, click and drag it back to the root position.

Here you will find an image for the view on the website for the categories if they were arranged as seen in the example image above.

For how to add in a category please see the tutorial below:

Managing Categories

Useful Tip

If the sort order field is left blank, then the categories will be arranged alphabetically.

There are three tabs, General (for filling out information about the category), Meta Info (this is for SEO purposes and will self-generate if left blank which we recommend if you do not know what you are doing). Finally, ratings which you do not need to do anything with. So for this reason let’s focus on the general tab:

Name: Name of the category

Image: To include an image displaying on sub categories (see next page for details).

Sort Order: What order you want the category to display in (for example 1 would come before 5).

Useful Tip

You can assign products to more than one category!

Managing Categories

Uploading Images

Uploading an image is not essential but it will need to be the correct dimensions to fit in for example if you fit in an image that is 500px by 500px then it will appear on the screen that size. See here an example of when we click on a main category “Bedroom Furniture”, the sub categories are viewed like this:

So an image is not required but it certainly looks better, here see an example of how a category layout would look without an image included:

From a customer’s point of view, it makes navigation easier and certainly looks far better!

Category Managing

Category Managing


If the category has products within it, you should be careful to delete the category because both the category and all the products assigned to it will be deleted. For products that are assigned to this ONE category only, deleting this category means deleting the products together. For those to more than this category then the products will remain.