From the Nexus team we wanted to thank you all for your continued business during one of the most challenging years in a century.

Just to let you know, our business will be closed from the 19th of December until the 4th of January. Thank you!

Email Templates

email templatesEmail templates are the automatic emails being dished out for example when someone signs up to the website, or places an order. You can edit what is within these emails to brand them more around your business.

Here on the left hand column, you have the code-name for the template and just to the right hand column is a description of what the email template is to be used for. You can edit these email templates by selecting the pen and paper icon.

Here we can see an example email template that is to be sent out to customers.




email templatesIMPORTANT TIP

Do not delete anything with percentage signs in-between them. For example %%cart_items%% would convert once the email is sent to include the items currently in the customers shopping basket. However you are able to manipulate anything else allowing promotion.