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The SEO tool is one of the more complicated areas of managing your website. This guide will go through the steps of using the SEO tool for an example page of a website from start to finish. You will need to have a basic understanding of what SEO is and some of the terms used when dealing with SEO.

Let’s assume that we are a motorcycle dealer located in Peterborough, as we have created a new page offering motorcycle servicing.

As this is just for example purposes, the content used will largely be placeholder.

Step 1

Firstly, we need to identify our keywords. You can chose to use the same keywords throughout your website, or you can have specific keywords for each page.

For our example website, the overall main keyword is Motorcycles Peterborough. However for this page we have identified the other possible keywords: Motorcycle Servicing Peterborough as well as Motorcycle Repair Peterborough.

We have decided to choose Motorcycle Servicing as our primary, or focus, keyword. The other two phrases being our secondary keywords.

Step 2

Next, we need to navigate to our page within the control panel. The SEO tool is located directly below the content editor with the title SEO by Nexus Websites – scroll down slightly to find it

The first section you see is called Snippet Preview – this shows us how the page will appear in Google. You will be able to see how this is updated as we progress with our SEO.

Step 3

In the Focus Keyword box, we need to enter our focus keyword. In this example we will enter Motorcycle Servicing Peterborough. Some new text will appear telling us where our keyword is currently found. We need to try and get all of these to say Yes.

It’s important to note that the following should be used as guidelines only. There is no black and white answer when it comes to SEO. It is more important to have a high quality, original page than to go too overboard with SEO efforts.

Step 4

We now need to enter the SEO title – this is the title that Google will use in it’s listings. We need to have our focus keyword here, as well as the name of our website too.

For our example, we will use Motorcycle Servicing Peterborough | Peterborough Motorcycles.

Step 5

Next is the Meta Description – this is the grey description text that is shown in Google listings. Once again, we need to have our focus keyword here, although as there is a higher character limit there is more freedom to enter descriptive text.

In the example we will use: Welcome to Peterborough Motorcycles. We offer outstanding value on all of our Motorcycle Servicing Peterborough and Motorcycle Repair Peterborough.

You should now see that two of the five No above should now read Yes: page title and meta description.

Step 6

Update the page (or safe as draft), scroll down to the SEO tool and click on Page Analysis.

You will be presented with a list of sentences describing the quality of the page’s SEO.

Green are ideal and do not need to be addressed.
Yellow could be improved, but not urgently.
Orange should ideally be improved.
Red must be addressed.

It is recommended that keep adjusting the page until all of them are mostly green or yellow, with no orange or red at all.

Additional Information – Content SEO

Everything in this guide covers using all of the important parts of the SEO too.

To complete your SEO most of the other changes are done through the page content itself. Please see the SEO Tips & Tricks guide that will explain how to modify the content to be SEO friendly – which should hopefully remove most if not all of the red and orange points under the page analysis.

Whenever you amend part of the page, you will need to update the page or save as draft for the page analysis tool to update.