From the Nexus team we wanted to thank you all for your continued business during one of the most challenging years in a century.

Just to let you know, our business will be closed from the 19th of December until the 4th of January. Thank you!


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How long will it take?

1397068449_clock 5 Minutes

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Step 1

First of all, create or navigate to the page or post that you would like to edit.

Step 2

Click on the shortcode dropdown, signified by a [] symbol.

Step 3

Click on the shortcode named “Lists” to insert it into the page.

Step 4

Within the shortcode, you will see the text icon=”check, bullet, arrow”. You must chose one of these types and delete the rest.

The icon is the small image that will appear before the text in the list. From the three options you must only have one. For example style=”check” – it must be contained within quotes. If the divider appears to be invisible, check to see if you have accidentally left a comma or space inside the quotes.

  • Check: A check or tick.
  • Bullet: A standard bullet point.
  • Arrow: A circle with an arrow, used here.

Step 5

Delete the default text and replace with the text you would like in the list,

To add more items to the list, simply left click at the end of a line and push enter. A bullet point on a new line will appear and you will be able to type in the text for the new line.

Step 6

Submit, update, publish or preview your page or post and it should look similar to this image.

In our example we have used “check” as the icon type.